We Are Connecting Bussinesses

Founded at 2015, Altomatik is a technology company run by some talented individuals who build platform or digital hubs for B2B market. This platform will enable current established business to automate interaction, exchange information and distributing the products to another business or distribution channels. This new digital business flow not only run faster, more efficient, more economical but also leverage business into new market as well as to new business.

Reliable Engine

Good tools mean good profit. To support your business, you need a trusted and proven tool. We have delivered various services and core engine that already proven on the market and ready to support your business as well.

A Strong Chain

Just like the business itself, the tools that support business also getting more complex as the business grow. Big business need high performance business web application, and this is a long chain implementation of computing system, software, data storage and also interaction with another third-party system. To build this kind of web application we need a full stack team consist of multi discipline resources.

Continuous Development

IT Technology is a moving target, the bar always raising, In this kind of situation, evolution is the key to winning the game. Altomatik can be called second home for talented team member that have strong passion to build high performance and high scale core web application using the latest technology available on the market and out of the box system and software architecture.


Geraya.id is core engine for modern travel business, Geraya.id is able to delivering your travel content host to host with minimal human interaction. Geraya.id already serving content to several major international OTA.

Today, conventional travel business market is challenging, with the rise of online travel agent, the gameplay is changing. To keep up with the market Gemini,id provide solution to automate conventional travel agent work flow.

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